Courageous People Write Their Insecurities on Their Bodies

In our ever more social world, it’s not always easy to be honest about your true self. Standards of perfection are increasingly prevalent – communicated to us on Facebook, Instagram and the web as a whole. “Be the best that you can” they seem to say, but along with that message comes “don’t share your shortcomings.” Steve Rosenfield’s What I Be Project attacks these societal issues face-on, challenging his subjects to put their insecurities out in the open for all to see. It’s an incredibly courageous thing to do.

Rosenfield’s project is aimed at helping people accept the diversity in people’s struggles, and to help shine a light on the things we often keep buried inside. Perhaps we see people here who reflect our own struggles:

“I encourage every viewer to look at each image and put yourself in the individuals shoes,” says Rosenfield. “By allowing yourself to feel what they feel, you might realize something you’ve never noticed before.”

The growing collection of images will include short statements from each individual, just in case you don’t understand the message in the photograph. You can see this beautifully honest collection of portraits at

what i be project 2

what i be project 3

what i be project 4

what i be project 5

what i be project 6

what i be project 7

what i be project 8

what i be project 9

what i be project 10

what i be project 11

what i be project 12

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