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Rainbow Colored X-Ray Style Large Scale Murals Art By Shok-1

London-based street artist Shok Oner, better known as SHOK-1, is back with a vibrant new x-ray style. Layering spray paint, he creates patterns and geometric shapes out of neurons, bones, and insects in vivid colors. Last month, he displayed his new style in a solo show in London appropriately named X-Rainbow. Be sure to watch the video below in which SHOK-1 explains the intentions behind his work and “organic” methods. Check out more work by SHOK-1 on flickr. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


2 Shok-1

3 Shok-1

4 Shok-1

5 Shok-1

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8 Shok-1

9 Shok-1

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12 Shok-1

Via: anewhype.com

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