Bird Taxidermy Imagines Bizarre New Species’

If you’ve watched the BBC’s Planet Earth, then you know about the many bizarre species’ in the bird-of-paradise family. Their wildly flamboyant plumage has set them apart in the animal world, as has their equally bizarre and elaborate mating rituals. Perhaps that’s why these fantastic taxidermy sculptures by Karley Feaver are so familiar and yet fascinating. In her series Becoming Otherwise, she has created a diverse series of imaginary avian life, playing on themes of domesticity and imagining new paths of evolution.

“I am interested in the scientific, intellectual and aesthetic reasons behind the re-creation of the animal,” says Feaver. “I am exploring how each one could exist in a domestic setting by adapting to their surroundings. Through this, my investigations of the animals have developed by morphing animals and other various objects into newly formed creations.”

Feaver’s birds often sport brilliant neon plumage, 24k gold coated beaks, and many feature human hair braided into unusually perfect forms. Are these to attract a mate in the ever superficial realms of suburbia? Is this a commentary on human behavior transposed to avian form?

Unlike the birds-of-paradise, Feaver’s animals are not threatened by hunting, habitat loss or a desire for their feathers. Her birds are ethically sourced and died of natural causes. You can learn more about her work at

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 2

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 5

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 7

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 8

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 9

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 10

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 12

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 13

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 14

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 15

Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 16

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