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Harbin Ice Festival 2014 Unveils Some of Their Snow Sculptures Early

Thursday 12.26.2013 , Posted by
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Although temperatures reach -30 °C, many people flock to China each Winter to explore the magical Harbin Ice Festival. Some of the finest ice and snow sculptors in the world come to showcase their talents, creating massive snow creations that tower over the Winter Wonderland. The official annual start date of the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is January 5th and goes through the end of February, but sculptures of this magnitude take quite a bit of time to prepare, so we can get a little sneak peak of what to expect. 80% of the sculptures are done, and those visiting now get to see them in the making.

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Aside from the stunning snow sculptures, visitors can attend the ice lantern art fair, stay in ice hotels, go on a Siberian tiger safari, ice skate, hit the slopes on skis or snowboards, go snowmobiling, or take a lovely sleigh ride in the countryside. The Harbin Ice Festival is the perfect addition to every bucket list.

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