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Coolness Graphed: Charting Life with Bar Graphs and Humor

Wednesday 12.18.2013 , Posted by
05 poliece artist


Coolness Graphed has been charting life and its relative coolness or ‘uncoolness’ for the past two years. RC Jones began the project as a creative outlet to counterbalance a boring day job, and within three months of publishing on tumblr, the project was receiving attention from national media including Forbes and MSN.

Earlier this year, a collection of graphs was published in a book that seems perfect for geeky gifting. In the announcement of his book deal, Jones shares, “Less than a year ago I got an email that I could tell was very important because it contained the phrase “you had us at ‘sporklift.’”

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02 hate mail

01 doctor away

03 it

04 cement

05 poliece artist

06 host

07 i before e

08 notre dame

09 self employed

10 shotgun

11 upright cast

Steph Guinan

Written by Steph Guinan

Steph is a writer and data visualization designer living in Asheville, NC. She loves collaborating on projects that involve spreadsheets, graphs, and interesting data sets. Although she enjoys the many butterflies and hummingbirds that fly past her office window, she does not track their activity in a spreadsheet. Keep up with her projects at

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