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About Face: Giant Street Portraits By RONE

Tuesday 12.10.2013 , Posted by


Street artist RONE’s newest work makes us do a double take. Painted on a five-story building at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin, the piece looks perfect from a distance, yet proves rough and dripping upon closer inspection. One example of the Melbourne-based artists’ extensive street portraits, the mural embodies RONE’s efforts to “locate the friction point between beauty and decay, the lavish and despoiled, creating an iconic form of urban art with a strongly emotional bent.”

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In addition to exploring the tumultuous space between the sacred and the stained, RONE’s portraits peer deeply into the act of looking. Both monstrous in scale and monochromatic in tone – projecting into the street, yet also blending in with the building – the work catches us in a vulnerable moment in the crowded, anonymous urban milieu. Asking us if our glances are directed inside out, outside in, or somewhere in between, RONE’s biggest suggestion is that perhaps the walls indeed do have eyes – and are we watching or being watched?

Find more faces on facades on RONE’s Tumblr.


Via: Colossal and Henrik Haven Photography

Candace Kita

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