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Fat Flags: Body Painted Models Transformed Into National Flags Eating Foods Associated With Each Country

Sunday 12.08.2013 , Posted by

1 Jonathan Icher

While not every country portrayed here is facing an obesity epidemic, any of these foods in excess could lead to a flabby waistline. Perhaps this is why Paris-based photographer Jonathan Icher chose to name his series Fat Flag. The flakey, buttery goodness of France’s famous croissants, juicy greasy cheeseburgers that are as American as apple pie, nutrient-lacking white rice that accompanies sushi in Japan, and carbohydrate overload with pasta in Italy, Icher brought his clever conceptual photography idea to life with the help of makeup artist Anastasia Parquet. She covered the models (none of whom were fat) in body paint to turn them into each nation’s flag as Icher captured them stuffing their mouths with their flag’s counterpart foods.

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If this doesn’t make you hungry, I’m not surprised! Icher’s goal was to showcase the common stereotypes of each nation when it comes to food. See more creative photography series by Jonanthan Icher on his website and Facebook.

2 Jonathan Icher

3 Jonathan Icher

4 Jonathan Icher

5 Jonathan Icher

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