Meet Sniffer & Tinni: A Real Life Fox & Dog Duo Who Will Star in Fairytale Storybooks for Kids

Torgeir Berge 1

Although Ylvis may pretend, nobody knows what the fox says better than Tinni, a Norwegian dog who has become best friends with one. The unlikely pair met while Tinni was on a walk in the forests of Norway with his owner Torgeir Berge, who happens to be a photographer. Berge named the fox Sniffer and has been capturing precious moments of the duo’s camaraderie. The pair shows how closely related dogs and foxes are as they walk side by side, play together, romp around, take naps, and cheese it up for the camera. Their friendship has inspired Berge to work towards banning the fox-fur trade in Norway and to do this he has teamed up with writer Berit Helberg to turn his photographs into a storybook for children. Proceeds from the published book will go toward funding the fight against fur-trade.


Berit Helberg explains:

No animals should be living like the animals in the fur industry are living. No one who has seen the pictures of Sniffer and Tinni, can think anything else. Hopefully the book about Sniffer and Tinni will give readers the same feeling, while at the same time they learn something about foxes and might get a different view of real friendship than they had before.Since we all live on the same planet and all animals need the voice of the humans, the Norwegian book will also be translated into English.

Check out more images of Tippi and Sniffer’s companionship on Torgeir Berge’s Facebook page.











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