Jennifer Greenburg Inserts Herself into Vintage Snapshots

Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 9

In her series Revisiting History, artist Jennifer Greenburg is replacing the individuals in vintage negatives she has found with the image of herself.I commandeer source material from someone else’s life thus taking over their memories to call my own,” she says. Her image is so seamlessly integrated with the original photograph that it is often impossible to decipher reality from fiction – which is exactly the point.

In her images Greenburg becomes many different things besides herself. Like an actor, she makes the moment real, interacting with the other subjects within the scene or reacting to the emotions of that past instant captured in time. “In the decisive moment, I become a musician, a mother, a corpse – even though I am none of those things.

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To Greenburg these images are counterfeit memories. In this sense her work points to the often false memories associated with any snapshot. Were we really having a good time at the skating rink or was that just a forced smile? See an interview with the artist at Feature Shoot or more in the series at

Above: Their wedding was a lot of fun, 2011

My dreams came true the day I did hair for a fashion show, 2013
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 1

My coworker was always jealous of my blonde hair, 2013
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 2

His first haircut, 2011
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 3

That Christmas, I watched water skiing on t.v., 2011
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 4

The watermelon’s were huge that summer, 2011
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 5

Napping with Floyd, 2011
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 6

When he was a baby, 2011
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 7

Something funny happened in the kitchen, 2011
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 8

Finishing school graduation, 2011
Jennifer Greenburg Revisiting History 10

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