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What Would History Look Like as Told Through Instagram?

Monday 11.25.2013 , Posted by

Histagrams 1

“If something isn’t on the internet, it didn’t happen.” At least that’s what a lot of people seem to think in our modern age, when every birthday party, natural disaster or new creative pursuit has to show up on Facebook or Instagram. But what if the major historical events of the past happened today with our current social media obsession? What if DaVinci had posted instagram teasers showing his nearly completed Mona Lisa? What if someone posted a photo of the Trojan horse before its secret contents were revealed? That’s what MTV designers Gusto NYC and Gavin Alaoen set out to do on their hilarious new blog, Histagrams.

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Half of the fun with these images is the people they’ve imagined posting or commenting on the historical event. Newton’s famous apple wouldn’t be complete without a comment from Steve Jobs; and how about DaVinci giving an @ message shout out to his favorite girl? See our favorite 12 examples below:

Histagrams 2

Histagrams 3

Histagrams 4

Histagrams 5

Histagrams 6

Histagrams 7

Histagrams 8

Histagrams 9

Histagrams 10

Histagrams 11

Histagrams 12

Via feeldesain & Boredpanda

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  1. Sweet Jesus – As one posting in my 3,000s in Istagram, this is magnificent! Love the Trojan Horse!

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