Uncanny Animated GIFs Go In Circles


rrrrrrrroll puts photos in heavy rotation. A project based out of Japan, rrrrrrrroll creates animated GIFs featuring an anonymous individual in unassuming, everyday environments. Each still image, however, is animated by one element moving in a trippy endless cycle – ranging from a forkful of spaghetti suspended over a spinning plate, to a woman frantically swinging herself around a lamppost.


Adding startlingly rapid speed to desaturated still lives, rrrrrrrroll asks us if our daily routines are extraordinarily surreal or dangerously repetitive. In any case, the images make our eyes do a double-take again… and again… and again… and again…

Go for another spin on the project’s Tumblr and Facebook pages.

tumblr_m8bjmzW8bc1rt0g8wo1_500 tumblr_mbd83rnrYp1rt0g8wo1_500 rrrrrrrroll_4 rrrrrrrroll_6 rrrrrrrroll_7 tumblr_mgz46zhIcq1rt0g8wo1_500 tumblr_mlehq8tzK41rt0g8wo1_500 tumblr_mmw8r1R2NV1rt0g8wo1_500

Via: 40fakes

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