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#Filtered: Creative Coffee Drawings By Ben Blake

Thursday 11.07.2013 , Posted by


Coffee enthusiast Ben Blake proves that Instagram is not a filter’s single origin. On his charming website, Blake uses cone filters–the humble backbones behind your morning brew–as palettes for spirited illustrations celebrating coffee culture. Each illustration is a pen-and-ink ode to a specific roaster, brew, coffeehouse, or speciality coffee experience, many finishing with smooth flourishes and caffeinated exclamation marks. As his drawings range from rich, overflowing landscapes to simple typographic logos, they cleverly pair bold tasting notes with beautiful written ones.

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Soaked with stories of people, places, and flavors, Blake’s doodles serve as postcards documenting the many ingredients that make up a coffee lover’s daily ritual. One can just imagine him hard at work, pen in one hand, mug in the other–and clearly, Blake’s work is no average cup of joe.

Order a pour-over, then peruse his drawings here.

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Via: DrawCoffee

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  1. You can still buy coffee filters in this age of capsules?

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