Custom VW Beetle Covered in Wrought Iron Gate Designs

1 Beetle by vrbanus

Everyone who likes a good old fashioned VW Beetle, will love this one by MG Vrbanus even more! After 3,500 man hours in 6 months, 5,000 Swarovski crystals, 70kg of wrought iron, and 24-carat gold leaves, this 1970 Beetle has become the perfect “Just Married” vehicle, provided it doesn’t rain. Croatian company MG Vrbanus makes elegant gates and fencing and chose the Beetle to advertise their quality craftsmanship. They stripped off the white sheet metal work, exposing the raw mechanics and applied wrought iron sections in its place.


Creator Sandro Vrbanus explains:

The idea of using a Volkswagen Beetle came about because it was in production for so long it really became an iconic car. Everyone knows the Beetle and can readily identify with it. Besides which, it would be not too difficult to remove the sheet metal bodywork and replace it with wrought iron sections.

They sketched the design in pencil first, then used the panel as a template to test the curvature and length of each section before welding the pieces together. See more images on the MG Vrbanus website.

2 Beetle by vrbanus

3 Beetle by vrbanus

4 Beetle by vrbanus

5 Beetle by vrbanus

6 Beetle by vrbanus

7 Beetle by vrbanus

8 Beetle by vrbanus

9 Beetle by vrbanus

10 Beetle by vrbanus

11 Beetle by vrbanus

12 Beetle by vrbanus

13 Beetle by vrbanus

Not in English but this video will give you some more insights on the bug:

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