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Artist Duo Transforms Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Painting Into A 3D Printed Sculpture

Tuesday 10.15.2013 , Posted by

1 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers

We’ve seen how 3d printing technologies have been used to reproduce exact replicas of classical paintings, but now husband and wife duo Rob and Nick carter have taken it to a new level. The London-based artists have teamed up with creative studio MPC to transform Van Gogh’s two dimensional Sunflowers painting into a 3d sculpture, bringing his brush strokes and details into a palpable form. They began with a computerized base mesh model to gather data to comprehend the volume of the work. Once their model was complete, they were ready to bring the piece to life, printing it out on the Projet 3500 with a material called Visijet-x, then casting it in silicon bronze for a final touch.

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From now through November 2nd, the work will be on display at London’s Fine Art Society Contemporary. Check out this and more work by Rob and Nick Carter on their website. You can also show support for the duo by following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook page.

2 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers

5 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers

6 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers

7 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers

8 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers

9 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers

10 3D Printed Van Gogh Sunflowers


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