The Most Clever, Stand-Out Roommate Ad Ever Posted on Craigslist

Best Craigslist Ad

Let’s face it- there are some cities where having roommates is a must for survival, especially for young professionals on an entry level salary. Roommates come and go and Craigslist has made the search a lot easier, but also introduced a lot of crazy people into the mix, so sifting for the right one can be quite a headache. But there are some downright awesome people on Craigslist too and Lauren Fahey is one of them. To make herself stand out from the bottomless pool of potential roommates, she created this clever graphic for her Craigslist posting, hoping to find the perfect new home. It features amazing quotes from previous roommates atop a hilarious picture with a random naked man lurking in the background. Well she certainly accomplished her mission and found an apartment in no time- who wouldn’t want to live with this girl? She had me at Mac and Cheese!

Found on her Instagram: “Already love my new roommates! #movingday #welcomesigns #sanfran”
Best Craigslist of All time


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  1. Paul Caridad

    Thanks Harriet. You are correct that cleverest is a word, however this is one of those many exceptions in the English language like “quiet,” “narrow,” and “simple,” among other 2 syllable words, that can either be proceeded by “most” or have the -est suffix. In this case, since the “most” part of the title was referring to “clever” and “stand-out”, it was more appropriate to use “most.” You can do a google search on “comparative and superlative adjectives” and find reputable sources that will say this. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. We appreciate that you read our posts in depth and offer advice to make things better.

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