LEGO Brick “Sketches” of Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons

1 Chris McVeigh

A self-declared “professional geek”, Chris McVeigh never stopped playing with toys. He uses LEGOS in conjunction with his creative eye and photography skills to make fun, colorful “sketches” of some of the best pop culture characters of all time. In this series of LEGO Brick Sketches, McVeigh challenges himself to stick to a 12″x16″ brick canvas, which is a similar size to some of his friends’ miniature marker sketches. His first one was Wolverine and after receiving a very positive response from his Instagram and Facebook fans, he decided to keep going. While the LEGO creations are obviously not real sketches, McVeigh plays up this theme perfectly with little LEGO markers in the correct colors next to each portrait.


From Cookie Monster dropping LEGO cookie crumbs down his chest to happy little Pikachu, with superheroes and villains galore, Chris McVeigh finds the perfect sized LEGO pieces to create each icon to a T and places each against an optimal contrasting background to make them pop. He still has a few left for sale on Storenvy so get them while you can! McVeigh does a lot more with LEGOs than what you see here- from DIY kits for novel concepts to Christmas ornaments. Check out more of his creative images on his website and Flickr. You can also follow him on Tumblr and Twitter for the latest updates to his collections.

2 Chris McVeigh

3 Chris McVeigh

4 Chris McVeigh

5 Chris McVeigh

6 Chris McVeigh

7 Chris McVeigh

8 Chris McVeigh

9 Chris McVeigh

10 Chris McVeigh

Chris McVeigh 11

Chris McVeigh 10


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