Soft Warm Clothes Carved from Cold Hard Stone


Marble as a medium has been used since ancient days, reaching perhaps its height of perfection during the Roman era – with finely carved busts of gods and man. The material has an almost magic quality, able to reproduce the forms of other materials in convincing detail, texture and form – but it’s never been used for sculptures like these before. Alex Seton, a Sydney-based artist, has been reproducing everyday goods, from t-shirts and sweatshirts, to full track suits.

Seton’s sculptures embody a strange niche between the classic and the modern, at once paying tribute to the sculptures of the past, and simultaneously bringing the form into the ethos of the present. Each piece reproduces inexpensive everyday goods, raising them to an unusual level of idolization, and at the same time raising questions about our pre-conceived notion of how this medium should be used. Regardless of opinions on his subject matter, each sculpture is realized with the utmost detail; each fold and seam is accurately reproduced with such perfection that it is nearly impossible to tell the reproduction from reality… except one is soft and warm, the other hard and cold.

Seton primarily uses Carrara marble quarried at the city of Carrara in the northern end of Tuscany, Italy. The stone has a white or blue-gray hue and was used for sculpture and building décor as far back as the Roman era. See the video interview with Seton below, then find out more about these modern day masterpieces at









Alexander Seton talks about his work titled Six more.

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