Logo Mashups: Two Brands Come Face to Face

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Some logos were just meant to have babies. Take the Crocs logo and set it up with the Lacoste crocodile and what do you get? Some majorly jarring fashion and a logo that fits together all too well. That’s the gist behind Ryan Loomis‘ intriguing project Logo Mashups. He’s taking some of the most iconic brands and matching them with their most appropriate brand buddy.

Loomis, a User Experience Architect with Clockwork, says he started the project in his spare time just for fun (it looks like a blast). The mashups fall into just two clever categories. ‘Strangely Familiar’ places two brands side by side, as in the Crocs/Lacoste fashion disaster above. ‘Visual Puns’ takes a few more liberties, juxtaposing two brands to create a witty new message (Gucci’s never looked so youthful!).

Many of Loomis’ Logo Mashups will have you wondering for a moment until you catch on to what he’s saying… and it’s often a funny moment when the realization hits. See more of this growing collection at logomashups.tumblr.com.

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