From Guns to Drums: The Disarm Project Creates Mechanized Musical Instruments from Dangerous Weapons

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 5

Pedro Reyes is taking a notoriously dangerous element in his country – guns – and transforming them into musical instruments programmed to play surprisingly catchy music. In doing so, the Mexico City native is subverting the original purpose for these weapons, taking something that could have taken life, and instead enhancing lives through musical creativity. He calls his project Disarm.

“It is… The redemption of this metal, that could have taken your life or mine. So, they are better as musical instruments,” says Reyes with a big grin.

As if the creative instruments themselves weren’t enough, Reyes has been working with musicians and Cocolab, a media studio in Mexico City, to create pre programmed compositions that the instruments self-play. To do this he’s using Ableton Live, MIDI and Max MSP.

Disarm follows on his previous project “Shovels for Guns” which turned the raw materials in seized weapons into an equal number of shovels… something far more useful. You can find out more about this project and hear the very non-violent sounds it’s making in the video from The Creators Project below; then head to for more.

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 1

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 2

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 3

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 4

Disarm - Pedro Reyes 6

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