Explosive 3D Sculptures on Panes of Glass: Volcanic Smoke and A Nuclear Bomb Mushroom Cloud

1 3D Nuclear Bomb by Eyal Eever

From head on, these gorgeous catastrophic explosions by Israeli artist Eyal Gever look like 3 dimensional sculptures, but looking at them from the side, their secret is revealed. Layering digital prints on two dimensional panes of glass, Gever is able to achieve a hyper-realistic image of the smoke given off of a volcanic eruption and the mushroom cloud of an exploding nuclear bomb. The pieces, appropriately titled Large Scale Smoke and Nuclear Bomb, began with a digital rendering of each explosion, which was fairly simple for Gever who is a visionary in the high-tech industry and actually designed the software he uses to create his 3d images himself. It’s hard to grasp the astonishment of these pieces with 2d images, but the videos below give a great representation of what they are like in person.


In his artist statement, Gever explains:

My sculptures are created from software I have developed. I am influenced by the destructive impact within our environment. Uncontrollable power, unpredictability and cataclysmic extremes are the sources for my work. They inspire, fascinate and remind me of the constant fragility and beauty of human-life. Beauty can come from the strangest of places, in the most horrific events. My art addresses these notions of destruction and beauty, the collisions of opposites, fear and attraction, seduction and betrayal, from the most tender brutalities to the most devastating sensitivities. I oscillate between these opposites.

See more work by Eyal Gever, who has focused exclusively on creating his art since September 2010, on his website.

2 3D Nuclear Bomb by Eyal Eever

3 3D Nuclear Bomb by Eyal Eever

4 3D Nuclear Bomb by Eyal Eever

5 3D Nuclear Bomb by Eyal Eever

Via: mymodernmet.com

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