Vibrant, Fractal Floor Installations at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands

1 suzan drummen

Like peering into a 3 dimensional kaleidoscope, Dutch artist Suzan Drummen has created gigantic, colorful floor decor. Using chromed metal, mirrors, crystals, and stones she cleverly arranged the shiny bits into stunning geometric arrangements. Like fractals, from afar the shapes look bold and beautiful, but upon looking more closely the intricate details can be seen. The installation is on display at Museum Valkhof in the Netherlands. Lustrous circles and spirals extend from the floor to the walls, creating a gorgeous rainbow of colors for visitors to interact with.

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Suzan Drummen has been showing her creations in books, museums, and public spaces for the past two decades. See more of her imaginative creations on her website.

2 suzan drummen

3 suzan drummen

4 suzan drummen

5 suzan drummen

6 suzan drummen

7 suzan drummen

8 suzan drummen

9 suzan drummen

10 suzan drummen

11 suzan drummen

12 suzan drummen

13 suzan drummen

14 suzan drummen

15 suzan drummen

16 suzan drummen

17 suzan drummen

18 suzan drummen

19 suzan drummen


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