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Larger Than Life Paper Cutout Portraits Made From Massive Sheets of Paper

Friday 08.30.2013 , Posted by

1 Risa Fukui

From now until September 8th, Japanese artist Risa Fukui has a must-see paper cutout exhibition at the Pola Museum Annex. The Japanese art of paper cutting, also referred to as kirie, has been the force behind some magnificently talented artists like Rogan Brown and Bovey Lee, but never before have we seen it on such a massive scale. In her exhibition called LIFE-SIZED Risa Fukui presents 10 works that look like scribbled portrait drawings, so much so that it is almost unfathomable that they were cut out from a gigantic piece of paper.

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With the steadiness of a surgeon, she carves the unbelievably detailed designs by hand-no laser cutters necessary! The larger than life cut-outs are placed between panes of glass so that they can be viewed from both sides. Aside from their intricate beauty, they cast gorgeous shadows on the floor. This collection of photos was taken by Keniichi Shioda. Check out more work by Risa Fukui on her website.

2 Risa Fukui

3 Risa Fukui

4 Risa Fukui

5 Risa Fukui

6 Risa Fukui

7 Risa Fukui

8 Risa Fukui

9 Risa Fukui


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