Four Words You Don’t Often Hear Together: Abandoned Underwater Strip Club!

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 1

Most of the time when you want to explore an abandoned building, you don’t have to don scuba gear to get a closer look… but if said building is an old strip club, things are truly getting bizarre. That seems to be the case here with a “gentleman’s” club just off – and under – the coast of Eilat, Isreal.

Marine biologist Gil Koplovitz was working nearby the unusual place, which began life as an underwater restaurant, and snapped some pictures through the barnacle framed windows. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the view inside is how incredibly intact it still is. Besides a heavy coating of dust, a complete lack of furniture, and some shockingly 90s décor, the joint looks like it was just vacated. What still remains is the stripper pole and a whole lot of shiny mirrors. Called Nymphas Show Bar (we can think of SO many better/worse names), the place still has an active website and nobody seems to know how long ago it was left to the sea.

“The entrance [to the strip joint] is above water,” Koplovitz tells Huff Post. “People just crossed a 230-foot bridge and went down a flight of stairs. No need to get wet.”

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 2

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 3

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 4

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 5

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 6

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 7

via Huffington Post

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