Art On The Ground: Postmodern Landscapes By Charles Jencks


Charles Jencks’ sinuous sculptures are no ordinary walk in the park. A celebrated postmodern architect, designer, and theorist, Jencks tows the line between design, science, and nature to create dramatic forms that swoop across the the British landscape he calls home.


Born in the United States but working primarily in the UK since the early 1970s, Jencks collapses easy distinctions between the natural and built environment. His sculptures allude to organic forms such as DNA, shells, and fractals, all reimagined at massive scale and constructed directly into lawns and terraces. Paired with their striking visual aesthetic, projects such as “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation” in Dumfries, Scotland and “Spirals of Time” in Milan also delve deeply into metaphysical terrain. His large-scale garden geometries connect the everyday uses of green space to larger scientific formulas, patterns, and processes that may not often be visible to the naked eye.

Find out more about Jencks’ stunning architectural creations at his website.









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