96-year Old Man Writes a Song for his Deceased Wife of 75 Years and Enters It Into a Contest

Letter from Fred 1

When a 96-year-old man named Fred recently entered a song writing contest, he admitted that he couldn’t sing and had never even played an instrument… but that didn’t stop him from submitting. He simply sent a letter with the song he’d written about his wife of 75 years. Lorraine had passed away just a month before, and Fred couldn’t help but write a fitting tribute to the woman he loved so much. His song is called Oh Sweet Lorraine.

You were supposed to email a recored song, but when the folks as Green Shoe Studio of Peoria, Illinois received Fred’s letter in the mail they were so moved by his story they decided to make it a reality. They’ve recorded it professionally in their studio, and whether you’re a fan of the song they created or not, the story is absolutely beautiful. It shows the deep devotion of a couple who stood the test of time… a very long time.

Seriously, unless you’re okay with crying, don’t watch this in public.

You can purchase Fred’s song and support him on iTunes.

Letter from Fred 2

via Reddit

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  1. Don Crowder

    Beautiful but I can’t buy it because I’m a Linux user and there’s no Linux version of Apple’s proprietary software (or, for that matter, for Amazon’s proprietary software).

  2. K. J. Mao

    so touching… fresh tears rolled down my cheeks. Although they re old but her death is a great loss…

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