Seriously Awesome Woodcut Illustrations by Roman Klonek


Though this colorful series may look like illustrations, don’t be fooled- these are actually woodcut designs by German-based Polish artist Roman Klonek. Using pencils, a carving knife, chissels, and screw clamps, he creates a vintage looking cartoon through his illustrations. Inspired by the Polish and Russian cartoons of his childhood, their influence is evident in his style. Check out our interview with Roman below then head over to his website to check out more of his work.


VN: Can you describe the process for creating a woodcut?
RK: At fist I have to explain: I do colourful woodcut prints in the technique of the “lost cut”. That means I print all colors with only one plate. In the beginning I cut out all the spots that should remain white. Than I print he first color. Now I cut out all the spots that should remain in the first color… and so on. In the end the plate is “lost”. A retake is not possible anymore.
Have a look here.

VN: What kind of tools are required?
RK: Pencils, carvingknife, several kind of chissels, screw clamps… thats it!


VN: Who or what inspires you?
RK: This is so much… I can say: my work is a very big mixture of contemporary influences and cultural roots. I have a soft spot for East European cartoons because I grew up with them. My father had a big collection of Polish and Russian Super 8 cartoons. When Youtube came up some years ago I had a lot of déjà vu while watching all the “Bolek i Lolek” and “Nu pogodi” cartoons. I thought so many times… “Hey I know this…” It’s funny. For a long time I was not aware that I was influenced by the cartoons – it was mechanical. But I m sure, it was and still is a big inspiration. This penchant for the “playful and bold”… it have always been important to me. Really everyone and everything can be an inspiration. I think the most important thing is to set up situations for good receptivity of inspiration. The creative activity will follow. Traveling is always good as well. Music of course is a great helper, and also books and films… any kind of.


VN:When not creating art, how do you like to spend your time?
RK: Hanging around with my girlfriend… and of course with my friends too. Cooking, traveling, movies..etc…

On behalf of the Visual News team, I would like to thank Roman for taking the time to give us this interview and wish him all the best.










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