Take Death Defying Walks in China’s Mountains

Huangshan is a picturesque location in eastern China and one of the most iconic locations in the country. Even with its famous glacier-carved landscape and wildly jutting granite mountains, local variety of pine tree and frequent views of the clouds from above, the most special place is the area’s stone bridge. The very high bridge’s ornately carved path leads from a cave in a sheer rock wall to another on a nearby wall, traversing the narrow gorge below.

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Considering Huangshan’s extreme beauty, it’s not surprising that the area derives much of its significance from Chinese art and literature. It has inspired poets such as Li Bai, many Chinese ink paintings, and more recently, photography. According to Wikipedia, over 20,000 poems were written about the mountains between the Tang Dynasty (618-906) and the end of the Qing Dynasty (1614 to 1911). They’ve also inspired modern works, lending to the fictional world designed for James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar. Learn more about the area here.

If that isn’t enough of a thrill however, in the Huashan area (not to be confused with Huangshan) there are a number of footpaths anchored right into the cliff walls. In some instances the only thing keeping you from a sudden drop off the side of the very questionable walkway, is a steel chain to hold onto in (most likely) utter terror. Note: this is not the place to get over your fear of heights!

The final thrilling sight is in Taishan, where the naturally formed Bridge of the Immortals sees 5 large boulders collapsing between 2 cliff walls.

Huashan walkways anchored in cliff walls.
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The stone bridge in Huangshan.
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The stone bridge in Huangshan.
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The Bridge of the Immortals in Taishan.
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Bridge of Immortals 4

Bridge of Immortals 3

The stone bridge in Huangshan.
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The stone bridge in Huangshan.
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