Stardust: Cosmic Photography Fun With A Flashlight

1 Star Dust Molly Strohl

Since every human being is composed of materials that were once part of a star, photographer Molly Strohl was inspired to bring this concept to life. Shining a flashlight on her subjects through poked holes, Strohl gives the illusion that stars are twinkling on their faces and bodies. The 20 year old photographer is based in Savannah, GA and has an aesthetic style well beyond her years.


Strohl explains:

It is often an unrecognized fact that humans are made of the same matter and atoms as stars. Our fragile human bodies are so much more connected with the universe than we commonly believe ourselves to be, and I want to re-establish that connection with Star Dust. I had originally intended the series to be fashion driven, but as soon as I started taking photos, it was clear that the emotion was more important to me than the clothes. I also chose to shoot the images indoors because I wanted to capture the subtle haunting feeling of being closed off from the world.

See more work by Molly Strohl on her photography website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

2 Star Dust Molly Strohl

3 Star Dust Molly Strohl

4 Star Dust Molly Strohl

5 Star Dust Molly Strohl

6 Star Dust Molly Strohl

7 Star Dust Molly Strohl

8 Star Dust Molly Strohl


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