Blurred Vision: Brilliant Sculptures Made Out of Coat Hangers

David Mach 1

If stopping by the dry cleaner to drop off and pick up clothes is a normal part of your routine, then you’ve probably accumulated more wire hangers than you could ever need. While many people throw these cheap hangers away, opting for stronger hangers, Scottish artist David Mach transforms them into fierce sculptures. Famous for his unique choices in materials (matchsticks, Scrabble pieces, dominoes and playing cards to name a few) the Scottish installation artist and sculptor never seems to run out of fresh ideas. For this Coathangers series, Mach keeps the hanger hooks protruding from all angles on the outer edge of the sculpture, sometimes straightening them out to a prickly point, both styles giving a blurred illusion to the work. He starts with a plastic mold and attaches the hangers to the mold, then welds them together. Finally, he plates them in nickel for a finishing touch. (See his technique in the video below.)


Now a professor of Sculpture at the Royal Academy Schools in London, Mach has been impressing the art world with his amazing talents since the early 80’s. See more examples of his skillful designs on his website. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter to see what he’ll think of next.

David Mach 2

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