26 3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for inspiration for your next ink investment? Look no further than this amazing collection of 3D tattoos! On Visual News, we’ve brought you numerous examples of 3d anamorphic illustrations on notebooks, sidewalks, and paper, but now we’re happy to present the same techniques applied to human skin! With ink, there is no erasing, and the level of skill that each of these tattoo artists has reached to make their art pop off the skin, is unbelievable.
3D Tattoos


From the illusion of ripped skin revealing robot parts, gears and cogs, text, reptilian skin, or blue skies, to everlasting accessories like bows, garters and pocket watches, to beautiful pieces of nature like leaves and butterflies resting on a body for a lifetime, these creative ideas are sure to inspire tattoo lovers everywhere. Whether you’re covered in tattoos or have no intention of ever getting one, you will undoubtedly appreciate the level of skill and precision executed in each of these 26 designs. Happy inking!

3D Tattoo- 2

3D Tattoo- 3

3D Tattoo- 4

3D Tattoo- 5

3D Tattoo- 6

3D Tattoo- 7

3D Tattoo- 8

3D Tattoo- 9

3D Tattoo- 10

3D Tattoo- 11

3D Tattoo- 12

3D Tattoo- 13

3D Tattoo- 14

3D Tattoo- 15

3D Tattoo- 16

3D Tattoo- 17

3D Tattoo- 18

3D Tattoo- 19

3D Tattoo- 20

3D Tattoo- 21

3D Tattoo- 22

3D Tattoo- 23

3D Tattoo- 24

3D Tattoo- 25

3D Tattoo- 26

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