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Laundry Around the World Photographed from Below

Friday 08.09.2013 , Posted by

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 2

New York based photographer Sivan Askayo was walking around the streets of the city one day when she found some colorful laundry hanging around. Inspired by what she saw, she turned the everyday scene into a photographic project that would take her around the world, making stops in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Florence, Venice and Buenos Aires. She titles her project “Intimacy under the wires.”

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With each photograph, Askayo attempts to capture the intimacy and anonymity found in the hung laundry. As she explained to ProPhotoDaily:

“Laundry is one of those things that is so mundane, people overlook it. But when you really stop to focus on it, you realize you’re getting this view of something that is very private and personal.”

Through her project Askayo has gained international attention and now receives requests from people around the world asking her to photograph their hanging clothes. To see more of her work check out her website.

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 1

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 3

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 4

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 5

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 6

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 7

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 8

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 9

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 10

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 11

Sivan-Askayo-Laundry-World- 12

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Shawn Saleme

Written by Shawn Saleme

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  1. What a treat for the eyes! Something so simple in its domesticity becoming artful.
    Love this post!

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