Yesteryear’s Celebs Carved into Recycled Cardboard

Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 2

Giles Oldershaw has been creating some seriously interesting portraiture, often ispired by the subjects themseves. In one case he used a old bag to re-create a model’s “craggy baggy face” and in another case used a baked potato! In the last year he’s really been pushing his creativity, this time using everyday cardboard to create impressive portraits of yesteryear’s celebs – from Marlon Brando to Marilyn Monroe.

Oldershaw’s work is created by carefully pealing or cutting away layers of corrugated cardboard to reveal the textured layers below. In many cases he uses board that has a white finish on its top surface, something that really makes his subjects pop to life in high contrast. The material affords him a lot of options: he can use the original white surface; scrap down to the first brown layer; cut through to the corrugations; or remove those to reveal the backing surface. The likenesses he creates are seriously stunning and it’s clear to see he’s gaining a significant following around his local Oxford, England – where you’ll find his work in many galleries and cafes. Check out more at

Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 1

Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 3

Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 4

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Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 10

Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 12

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