David Niles Nates Adventure 1

Is That a Dinosaur Over That Hill? A Photographer’s Son Stars in Fantastic Adventures

David Niles Nates Adventure 1

See over that hill there? If you go far enough, there are Dinosaurs! That seems to be the message behind David Niles’ photo series called Nate’s Adventures. It’s a lot like Calvin and Hobbes photographed with a bellows camera and printed as a daguerreotype… the vintage look imagines a Land of the Lost style world full of UFOs, gigantic vegetables, trips to the moon and, yes, dinosaurs. It’s just the kind of thing to make our imaginations run wild with fantastic dreams we haven’t had since being children.

Endearingly, the star of the all these wild adventures is Niles’ small son Nathaniel. In each image he traipses though the countryside, climbs over hills, or in one case, visits the moon. Can you imagine how happy he must be starring in such clever photos?


David Niles has been exhibiting photographs for the past 20 years around his home in central Massachusetts, near Worcester, but that’s hardly the limit to his creativity. He also plays guitar in a number of bands featuring rock, blues and country music, while working as a videographer and web designer. You can see more of his work at davidniles.com.

David Niles Nates Adventure 2

David Niles Nates Adventure 3

David Niles Nates Adventure 4

David Niles Nates Adventure 5

David Niles Nates Adventure 6

David Niles Nates Adventure 7

David Niles Nates Adventure 8

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