Dennis Duinker’s Photo Tricks Create Streaks of Light, Giving Motion to Cityscapes

Dennis Duinker 1

Normally when a camera captures a cityscape, the image is lifeless, which is the total opposite vibe of a city. Packed with people, cities have a boundless pulse of energy and life. Dutch photographer Dennis Duinker captures this vitality beautifully with his dynamic techniques. For his Skylights series, he uses a slow shutter speed with a vertical pan to capture light traces in the air, creating a lovely, vibrant graphic pattern. He connects the dots in his black and white Skylines series of Rotterdam landscapes, unveiling a geometric puzzle in the sky above the towering architecture. Using a motion blur, he brings the city up to speed with an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines.


Check out more of his stunning images on his website and Facebook. If you’re interested in having a streaked cityscape of your own, prints are available for sale here.

Dennis Duinker 2

Dennis Duinker 3

Dennis Duinker 4

Dennis Duinker 5

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Dennis Duinker 7

Dennis Duinker 8

Via: FaithIsTorment

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