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Ladies: Think Your New Sparrow Tattoo is Rebellious? Yeah, it was in 1928.

Friday 08.02.2013 , Posted by

Vintage Women with Tattoos 1

Yeah, tattoos are pretty cool, but are they still rebellious? Unless you go full out and get a facial tat, there aren’t many designs that will shock the general public… maybe not even your grandma. That’s because even her generation was inking up, with a few badass women getting tattooed as early as the late 1800s. Seriously, check out Emma de Burgh! She traveled America and Europe showing off her exceptional Last Supper back piece.

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Many of the women featured here could be from our current era – sporting a few choice embellishments like the ever popular sparrow or a hidden butterfly. These brave and, yes rebellious, ladies chose to permanently decorate their bodies in times when it was seriously taboo – in these cases, between the late 1800s and the mid 60s.

Today we’re looking at far more creative tattoo work that that in the past – from tattoos that look like contemporary art, to those relying heavily on graphics, and some that simply remix imagery from the past – but all of the people sporting ink today owe a debt to the brave people who paved the way by adorning their bodies before everyone else.

Above: A naked lady riding a bird tattoo, 1928
Below: Who could that gentleman be? 1936
Vintage Women with Tattoos 2

A tattooed butterfly garter belt will never fall down when you’re doing the Charleston, 1930s
Vintage Women with Tattoos 10

Betty Broadbent, 1930s
Vintage Women with Tattoos 3

Emma de Burgh. The famous tattooed lady and her wicked Last Supper tattoo, 1897
Vintage Women with Tattoos 4

A horse and jockey tattoo, 1930s
Vintage Women with Tattoos 5

Pam Nash, a champion tattooed lady with a Japanese garden scene across her back, 1960s
Vintage Women with Tattoos 6

Maud Wagner, the first well-known female tattoo artist in the United States, 1907
Vintage Women with Tattoos 7

A classic swallow tattoo, 1965
Vintage Women with Tattoos 8

SSSSSnake tat, 1928
Vintage Women with Tattoos 9

Beehive and a new tat, 1964
Vintage Women with Tattoos 11


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Written by Benjamin Starr

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  1. If the people back in 1928 could see what some of these women are getting for tattoos now, they would lose their minds.

  2. Hey Benjamin.. Great collection

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