Real-Life Griswold Family Builds Truckster Station Wagon & Drives to Walt Disney World!

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With a name like Griswold, you’re bound to hear a few National Lampoon jokes going around. That was the case for one Georgia family… but they’re having the last laugh. Steve (not Clark) Griswold and his family are now the proud owners of a real-life Wagon Queen Family Truckster, the same amazing wagon from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Their first stop? Instead of hitting up the fictional Walley World, the family headed to Walt Disney World for their first outing. Don’t get stuck under a semi!

Just check out the features on this thing. Dual-quad headlights! Full wood paneling! Extended luggage rack! “Metallic pea” color (the exact hue described in the film) paint job. Hood mounted fuel tank door! As uncle Eddie would say, “She’s a beaut, Clark!

The real-life Griswold’s own a travel agency in Georgia, and seem to be quite Disney obsessed. They’ve been Disney World College Program participants and former cast members. They reportedly visit Walt Disney World quite often and their two daughters have sailed on all 4 Disney Cruise Line ships. Where did they roll into with the Family Truckster? Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, the perfect place, as of the new resort is dedicated to famous cars. You can read the full story at the Disney Parks Blog.

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  1. Amazing! The car really looks like the original. One of the best comedy films ever.

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