Hidden Surprises in Garcia Lam’s Clever Illustrations

Gracia Lam Illustrations 16Gracia Lam Illustrations 15

With a passion aimed at reinventing “everyday objects and mundane environments” it’s surprising that these illustrations are so interesting… but look closely and each one has a rewarding surprise. Garcia Lam is the smart illustrator behind these smart illustrations, taking often quiet situations and breathing new life into them. Her recent illustrations for the Victoria Symphony’s 2013/2014 lineup (shown above) are just one outstanding example of how she often combines dissimilar objects to create something alive and new.

What’s not surprising about Lam’s work, is that she’s grabbing a lot of attention – and clients with it – including such names as The New Yorker, Random House, Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine (we could name many more). The Hong Kong born, Toronto, Canada-based illustrator also has a portfolio packed with awards from such sweet industry publications as CMYK Magazine and Communication Arts Magazine. You can catch more of her work at gracialam.com (where you can purchase prints too).

Gracia Lam Illustrations 3

Gracia Lam Illustrations 4

Gracia Lam Illustrations 1

Gracia Lam Illustrations 2

Gracia Lam Illustrations 5

Gracia Lam Illustrations 6

Gracia Lam Illustrations 7

Gracia Lam Illustrations 8

Gracia Lam Illustrations 10

Gracia Lam Illustrations 11

Gracia Lam Illustrations 12

Gracia Lam Illustrations 13

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  1. My favorite in this post was the typewriter peacock, at least at first. And then I go back and look through the again and find something else that catches my eye. I think that you could look at these over and over and find something new each time. These are great!

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