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11 Art Installations that still need funding for Burning Man (Updated Aug 1)

burning man art

Every year thousands of enlightened human beings travel from all over the planet to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to participate in the Burning Man gathering. There is anything and everything there including many large scale art installations that take years to build sometimes. At this year’s gathering, there will be over 400 such art installations set up all over the desert area. While the Burning Man organization is very supportive of the arts on the “playa,” it is only partially funding about 1/7th of all the installations this year. [see_also]

This means that all other art installations rely on community support, both for the building and financing. With Burning Man beginning in a month, there are still a few unique projects that are in need of funding to make their dreams a reality. Check out some of their crowdfunding campaigns below and if you can support them and their art, please do! And if you are considering attending Burning Man this year for the first time, please read the First Timers Guide.

(Image credit: Extramatic)

The Hand of Inspiration by Israel Regional group – $4,285 of $6,000 funded, 4 days left.

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -9

French CORE by France Regional Burning man group – $1,103 of $4,000 funded, 17 days left.

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -8

(In)Visible by Kirsten Berg -$1,927of $4,300 funded – 18 days left.


You Are The Key by Ralitsa Ivanova – $1,206 of $2,500 funded, 42 hours left.

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -3

Like 4 Real by Dadara & Amsterdam crew – $8,074 of $10,000 funded, 8 days left.


The Bleachers Art Car by Vancouver Regional group – $7.340 of $12,000 funded, 9 days left.

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -7

Heartfulness– Katy & The Hearfullness Crew – $3,770 of $5,000 funded, 5 days left.


Desert Expedition Module Solar Power by Matthew Gilio-Tenan – $1,230 of $1,800 funded, 10 days left.


Genome Laser by Alex Housley & Crew $2,655 0f $4,000 funded, 11 days left.


iPhone Cult by Abraham Carmi Raphael – $133 of $2,000 funded, 6 days left.


The Infinite Portal for Sunshine by Wolfgang Ninja & SoulFlex Collective – $2,854 of $12,345 funded, 16 days left.


Charade by Site 3 coLaboratory – $10,306of $10,000 funded,  0 hours left. (Funded!)

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -6

Mens Amplio by Don Cain & Crew – $9,092 of $8,000 funded, 0 hours left. (Got funded!)

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -5

Eridu Society by Trilobyte & Crew – $1,500 of $1,500 funded, 71 hours left. (Funded!)

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -1

Heart Phoenix 2013 by Heart Deco – $14,098 of $15,000 funded, 0 days left. (Good job!)

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -4

The Czech Oasis by Prague Regional group – $1,415 of $6,000 funded, 0 hours left. Campaign is finished, but you can still support here.

Burning Man Art Installation 2013 -10

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