Forget Flying Cars, Here’s a Flying Bicycle!

Paravelo flying bicycle 8

Imagine this: you walk out to your garage after your morning coffee, hop on your bicycle, ride down to the nearby field, and then fly to the beach. Wait… fly?!

That’s the idea behind this wild Kickstarter project called Paravelo. They’ve connected a modified folding bicycle to a powered parachute assembly, creating a hybrid bicycle-trailer-flying machine. It’s an affordable way to get in the air, and to the airfield.

Powered paragliders have been around for a long while now, proving themselves to be easy and safe ways to take to the air. Unlike conventional aircraft, the wing won’t stall or lose lift suddenly. They aren’t very fast or great for high wind conditions, so this does relegate the Paravelo to recreational flying, but just think of the opportunities! You could easily take the machine camping (or Flamping as the creators put it), making treks between locations both by cycle and air. Think of how many mountains you could skip pedaling over!

Kickstarter is an amazing platform for launching wild projects, things we’d never see realized without such an easy way for the world community to say “YES! We want that!” This project is just that, a wild idea that looks like it could be realized soon. Check out the project video below, then show your support at Kickstarter.

Paravelo flying bicycle 1

Paravelo flying bicycle 7

Paravelo flying bicycle 2

Paravelo flying bicycle 5

Paravelo flying bicycle 6

Yes, the whole machine packs down into a car-sized package:
Paravelo flying bicycle 4

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