Playful & Profound: 3D Paintings Made of Metal

David Kracov Art 1

Where is the line between a painting and a sculpture? For artist David Kracov the distinction is quite fuzzy, but his art often hangs on the wall anyway. His 3D works are constructed out of intricately painted shapes that he often arranges into larger forms like hearts and peace signs. While on the surface his imagery may appear whimsical, the meaning that lies beneath is often deep and moving.

Kracov has been working as an artist since he was the young age of 12, when he was featured as one of the youngest artists ever to showcase in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He has worked consistently since then, watching his work mature while still retaining its youthful playfulness. A pivotal moment in his life and career occurred when he was commissioned to create a sculpture for the Holocaust Museum of St. Petersburg. It depicts the Tazmanian Devil tearing the roof off of a boxcar to release hundreds of hand-painted butterflies; signifying the 1 million children who lost their lives during WWII. Now Kracov includes at least one butterfly, either hidden or visible, in each of his works.

Another important piece, featured below, is his piece “Reflections.” Created as a tribute to those lost in the attacks of 9/11, it depicts the New York skyline with a cloud of his signature butterflies soaring aloft. Below, reflected in the water-like ripples, the Twin Towers are still visible.

Kracov’s work has been recognized and appreciated world wide, making its way into the collections of famous celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Matt Damon, Donald Trump, and Whoopi Goldberg. You can see more of his works in metal and clay, at

David Kracov Art 2

David Kracov Art 3

David Kracov Art 4

David Kracov Art 5

David Kracov Art 7

David Kracov Art 8

David Kracov Art 9

David Kracov Art 10

David Kracov Art 11

David Kracov Art 13

David Kracov Art 14

David Kracov with Matt Damon, Shoshana and Kenny Dichter (the CEO of MarquisJet)
David Kracov Art 15

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