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Baa Baa Black Sheep- Have You Any Phones?

Sunday 07.14.2013 , Posted by


Remember back when people actually used their landlines because we didn’t have direct access to them at all times via cellular service? Go back a little further before cordless phones with buttons to that obnoxious rotary phone- where you had to wait for the wheel to return before dialing the next number and if you mis-dialed a number you had to start all over again- not to mention the tangling cords and obnoxiously small radius that tied you down to one spot. Other than reminiscing, and antique collections, there is not much use for the phones that once existed in every first world household. Jean-Luc Cornec came up with an amazing way to recycle these phones by turning them into a flock of sheep!

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Using the curly cords to create the appearance of fleece, handsets for feet and the base for the face, Cornec created a beautiful installation that is on display at the Museum of Telecommunication in Frankfurt. What a perfect way to repurpose such a nostalgic piece of history. See more work by the German artist on his website.








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