Do Rich People Behave More Unethically Than the Poor?

wealthy fellow

It’s been said again and again through the ages: “these rich people are jerks!” The lower-class people often complain about the “rich snobs,” saying that those wealthier than them are holding them back, that the rich don’t share, etc, etc… but is there any validity behind these complaints? It turns out the answer is “yes”… at least according to many recent studies carried out at the University of California at Berkeley.

In this video, Paul Solman of PBS News Hour catches up with Paul Piff and his colleague Dacher Keltner to see what’s behind their findings. The surprising video documents controversial details about society, like how people that drive BMWs frequently wont stop at crosswalks, and how people with a guaranteed win at rigged Monopoly games will still believe that they “deserved” to win.

Piff and Keltner’s rather obscure study was picked up by many high level periodicals and has obviously hit a nerve with a society that continues to become more and more polarized between rich and poor.

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