Supersize Me- Superheroes On an American Diet

Carlos Dattoli 1

Did you ever wonder what a superhero might look like on the Standard American Diet of refined breads and sugars, fast food, and processed snacks loaded with high fructose corn syrup? Wonder no more because Mexican artist Carlos Dattoli has created this hilarious superhero satire! It’s as if Superman, Flash, Batman, & Robin went on Morgan Spurlock’s McDonalds diet from Super Size Me. From man of steel to man boobs, spandex doesn’t look quite as good on Superman’s no longer chiseled figure and he needs a crane to soar through the sky. Obese Batman and Robin would have trouble fitting in the Batmobile to hit up all the drive-thru’s in Gotham City. And from “super-speed” to super-size, Flash would be going nowhere fast.

It’s hard to imagine these fella’s catching bad guys and fighting crime, but there are plenty of cops in their condition who find a way, right? Ironically, a UN report recently showed that the USA has passed down its reigning title of “World’s Fattest Developed Nation”, with 31.8 percent of the adult population considered to be obese, to Mexico, with 32.8 percent. See more work by Carlos Dattoli on Behance.

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