Origami and Pokemon? A Perfect Match!

Jobe Brown Paper Art 15

Young Canadian artist Jobe Brown has an obsession with fantasy and paper. It’s a happy combination which sees him folding 3D characters from hits like Harry Potter, Spongebob Squarepants and Pokemon in his uniquely patterned style of origami. He’s made a winged Golden Snitch, Mr Krabs and a load of Pokemon characters (gotta catch ’em all!), each one cleverly redesigned to fit the modular methods he uses to create them.

While his works don’t follow the strict guidelines of traditional origami, wherein only one piece of uncut paper is used, Jobe still holds that his creations are a form of origami. He uses a little glue here and there, but only so they last longer.

On his DeviantArt page Jobe has shared a diagram for the Kriby project he’s completed, revealing the triangular nature of this method and the many parts involved. You can find more from him on his Facebook page or at DeviantArt.

Jobe Brown Paper Art 14

Jobe Brown Paper Art 1

Jobe Brown Paper Art 2

Jobe Brown Paper Art 3

Jobe Brown Paper Art 4

Jobe Brown Paper Art 5

Jobe Brown Paper Art 6

Jobe Brown Paper Art 7

Jobe Brown Paper Art 8

Jobe Brown Paper Art 9

Jobe Brown Paper Art 10

Jobe Brown Paper Art 11

Jobe Brown Paper Art 12

Jobe Brown Paper Art 13

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  1. I’m curious to know how long it took to make this? I have much time to kill during the day and am thinking of taking up origami, thanks for the inspiration.

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