BMD Design Serves Up Tasty Retro Typography

BMD Design 8

With an aged patina of motor oil and the healthy scent of flaming exhaust wafting through the air, BMD Design out of Bordeaux France has some vintage influenced designs that will get any motorhead or rummage sale enthusiasts mouth drooling. Forget about digital perfection, this is the hand-made, home-spun article and the rubbed off paint is there to prove it. BMD has made a name for itself with old-school iconography and well organized flourishes of typography… it’s a style often attempted but rarely executed with such deft skill.


BMD has kept busy lately producing a number of branding exercises revolving around textiles and motorcycles. The World is Tired of Hate sees a water colored sewing machine filled with typographical slogans and printed on a recent line of clothing. Their most recent project is personal, and sees a load of vintage motorcycle helmets painted with slick logos and slogans – just the thing for the drag strip or cruising the strip. You can catch more of their refined design at or follow them on Behance, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

BMD Design 19

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