Of Men and Beards: A Book Launching on Kickstarter Explores Beards and the Men Behind Them


What is it about a man with a beard that says so much? Photographer Joseph D.R. OLeary has been asking that question as he creates more than 130 portraits of bearded men in his exquisite and revealing style. “Are bearded men more attractive? Respectable? Trustworthy? Does it define him, or not?” His playful, yet serious project “Of Beards and Men” explores these themes and is now the subject of a Kickstarter project to launch his limited-edition coffee table book. Happily, it looks well on its way to success.

Nail Houses: Lone Chinese Homes, When the Owners Won’t Move for New Development

China's Nail Houses 1

It’s not often that we think of China when it comes to defending human rights, but that’s apparently the case with a unique Chinese phenomenon: the “Nail House.” These are homes where the resident refuses to move in order to make way for new construction. In extreme cases, builders are forced to work around the lone building, leaving single home monoliths standing in the midst of construction zones and even in the growing basements of skyscrapers.

Van Gogh in high resolution ‘Gigapixel’ format

Van Gogh_google_art_project_0

The Google Art Project is an ongoing collaboration between art museums around the world. Partnering with large, world famous museums and small community based ones, the Project is utilized in over 40 countries. At current count, over 40,000 high resolution images of fine art have been contributed to the site.

Classical Cats Dressed In Gentleman’s Wear


While many cats have an elitist attitude as if they were royalty, few have actually dressed the part…until now. Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov has created this hilarious series of cats in seriously regal gentlemen attire. The series, which he calls The Hermitage Court was created for Hermitage Magazine and features a Chamber Herald, Waiter, Moor, and Outrunner uniform, all with holes for tails of course. The costumes in Zakriov’s digital paintings are detailed as exquisitely as the perfectly kept whiskers of the noble cats wearing them. Though I’m much more of a dog person, I would not mind seeing one of these cats drinking tea on the fainting couch in my parlor (if I had one). With their refined style and chivalrous manners, they could teach the cats of today a few lessons.

Surreal Landscapes Made With the Human Body


Carl Warner is most famously recognized for his “Foodscape” series, where he arranged all sorts of colorful fruit and vegetables to create exotic landscapes. Some of his works included The Onion Taj Mahal, The Mayan Pepper Temple and The Great Wall of Pineapple. As his work got recognized in many magazines and television ads, the artist looked to other types of subject matter he could use in his landscape settings. That’s when he got the idea to use the human body. He positions multiple subjects to create his landscapes, creating another stimulating body of work which he titles “Otherscapes.”

Self Portrait as a Panda? Tomas Schneider Creates Bizarre Sculptures Inspired by Dreams

Thomas Schneider Strange Sculptures 1

The world of dreams is one that makes complete sense until you wake up… the fact that you might be part panda, part bearded human makes no difference. Then your eyes open and the realization hits you… what was that?? Artist Tomas Schneider’s strange sculptures are inspired by those dreamy and mind wandering states where anything is possible and bizarre events often transpire

11 Rustic Animals Disguised as Fans, Because Inanimate Objects Should Keep You Cool


During my hunt for ways to keep me cool in an air condition-less Southern California office, I quickly found myself on the hunt for a desk fan. In my search, I randomly stumbled upon San Diego-based design house Deco Breeze, a firm that makes a range of rustic fans and night lights in the shape of some of my favorite (and most hated) animals.

The Stunning Astrophotography of Michael Shaimblum


Depending on where you live and how much light pollution there is, seeing stars at night is not always possible. Even when they are out, it’s hard to get that cosmos feel like you’re hurling through the universe at 2.7 million miles per hour, but Michael Shainblum has captured it beautifully. Using long exposure photography, Shainblum creates stunning images of the incredible night sky. A student at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, he has developed amazing skills in time lapse and long exposure and even offers tutorials on his process.

Picture Perfect Pup: Champ the Happy Golden Retriever


Bet you can’t look at these photos without smiling! The happy golden retriever shown here goes by the name of Champ and belongs to a young photographer by the name of Candice Sedighan. The self-taught 20 year old photographer began using her dog Champ as the subject for her photo sessions when she was only 13 and Champ was 3. Over their 7 year photography partnership, Candice’s skills have continued to improve along with Champ’s patience. He now gets very excited anytime she brings out her camera. See more of her work and stay tuned for the possible release of a book or calendar on her Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram pages. Enjoy our interview with Candice after the jump!

Real-Life Griswold Family Builds Truckster Station Wagon & Drives to Walt Disney World!

truckster 3

With a name like Griswold, you’re bound to hear a few National Lampoon jokes going around. That was the case for one Georgia family… but they’re having the last laugh. Steve (not Clark) Griswold and his family are now the proud owners of a real-life Wagon Queen Family Truckster, the same amazing wagon from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Their first stop? Instead of hitting up the fictional Walley World, the family headed to Walt Disney World for their first outing. Don’t get stuck under a semi!