Dogs Dressing Up Like Their Owners

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It’s happened to all of us: walking down the street with their shaggy dog is an equally shaggy owner… maybe the fuzzy duo even had the same hair color. Surprisingly often, dog owners closely resemble their canine companions, and Bern Switzerland-based photographer Sebastian Magnani is showing us just how close. His wacky collection of photoshopped portraits captures dog owners and then splices their dog’s face into their clothes, complete with human hairdos. Some show a hilarious likeness!


What is it about getting a dog that makes them look so much like people? Is picking a dog like picking a hairstyle? Are we attracted only to familiar colors? Do we feel a special kinship for creatures with the same kind of fuzz? Dogs certainly do put out different attitudes, and maybe it’s as simple as that – we pick the animals with the attitude that best fits our own.

Magnani, who has only been working as a professional photographer since 2011, calls his series Underdogs. He started the series playfully in 2009, exploring the connection between owners with their dogs (who often see themselves as part of the family):

“Does the “underdog” really rank himself lower, even visually? It is undisputed that the canines not only stir emotions and interest, but also our inner most needs. Dogs are considered loyal, selfless, trustworthy, life saving, fun and proud companions in a world where these values are gradually disappearing.”

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