LSD ABC: Animations That Will Blow Your Mind


Your world might never be the same after taking a dose of LSD ABC. This fantastically mind bending animation comes to us, released a lot like a self-titled album, from the talents of LSD ABC (a collaboration between French designer/animators Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis). The Vimeo Staff Picked short takes the form of an alphabetic journey, walking us through each letter one by one. Unlike the childhood versions we’re accustomed too, however, this takes on new and strange subject matter fitting only for those who’ve looked outside the boundaries of normal experience.

This is the third film installment from the duo that has been picked by the nod of good taste from the Vimeo Staff. Their previous films, Childhood of a Circle and The Curious Fate of Humankind. also have a heavily retro influence, with The Curious Fate of Humankind perhaps resembling some of Monty Python’s absurdest humor and Childhood of a Circle harkening back to fantasy cartoons from the 70s (complete with epic matte painted backgrounds).

Launching each project with as much professionalism as the film itself, each has included a poster announcing its release, and the LSD ABC also has a 14-track soundtrack being released on vinyl or digital, along with postcards and “secret goodies.” Listen to the album and find out more at




Childhood of a Circle: “Archibald, a creature to whom nothing ever happens sees his routine changed by the arrival of a mysterious circle.”


The Curious Fate of Humankind: “A curious journey in an old factory where machines took advantages on humans.”


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  1. Awesome animations, I wish I could do half as good as this.

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