Iconic Spectacles: Eyeglasses of the Rich & Famous

Federico Mauro - 1

If you’ve ever worn eyeglasses for a long period of time then undoubtedly you know that crazy look people give you when they catch you without them- it’s like you’re some alien creature that they’ve never seen before but can’t stop staring at and commenting about how weird it is to see you that way. Some celebrities and movie characters are so closely associated with their eyewear that you could identify them by simply seeing their glasses. Italian Art Director & Multimedia Designer Federico Mauro has done an excellent job collecting examples of this phenomenon with a clean, minimalistic design style. Scroll through this collection slowly and try to guess whose spectacles you’re seeing before the answer is revealed.


The font below each iconic eyewear almost looks like a little mouth if you blur your eyes and your mind will fill in the rest of the face. See the rest of Mauro’s Famous Eyeglasses series on Behance and check out his website for more projects he has worked on. You can also follow him on Twitter @fedmauro.

Federico Mauro - 2

Federico Mauro - 3

Federico Mauro - 4

Federico Mauro - 5

Federico Mauro - 7

Federico Mauro - 6

Federico Mauro - 9

Federico Mauro - 8

Federico Mauro - 10

Federico Mauro - 11

Federico Mauro - 12

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