1,000,000 Bones Come to DC to Represent Genocide

The One Million Bones installation on the National Mall in Washington DC, USA.

Throughout human history there have been atrocities – occurrences that are hard to retell, but need to be. In just the past 100 years there have been genocides in countries such as Guatemala, Sudan, Burma and Somalia. And while the perpetrators of the killings sometimes come to justice, sometimes they do not. After millions of people have died innocently, that simply is not acceptable in the world of today.

Artist Naomi Natale decided that a “visible petition” to the injustice of genocide was necessary beyond what was already being done. In 2009, she created the project One Million Bones and traveled around the world getting people from over 30 countries to construct paper mache bones that would be displayed on the National Mall in Washington D.C. Over 3 years the bones were completed with the help of over 100,000 people and on June 11 they were laid out on the mall – a spectacle that covered the entire lawn. The art installation was a visual representation of the many humans who have been murdered as a result of politics and greed.

In addition to the display on the National Mall, activists brought bones to the offices of 90 representatives while asking for further advances in legislation regarding the genocides that occurred in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Learn more of One Million Bones and their advocacy efforts at their webpage.

Genocide Washington DC Art 2

Genocide Washington DC Art 3

Genocide Washington DC Art 4

Genocide Washington DC Art 5

Genocide Washington DC Art 6

Genocide Washington DC Art 7

Genocide Washington DC Art 8

Genocide Washington DC Art 9

Genocide Washington DC Art 10

Genocide Washington DC Art 11.1

Genocide Washington DC Art 11

Genocide Washington DC Art 12

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  1. I honestly expected the Armenian Genocide to be on top of the list, but there’s not even a mention.

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